We’ve done fashion and makeup trends for this season, now let’s talk about accessory must haves for spring 2012.


Ladies, I don’t think we saw this one coming but our beloved platforms are going to slowly fade out to a simple flat sole with a sky high heel. If you look at Christian Louboutin’s new Spring collection, he only included a select few platform heels, last season he had several. But don’t worry, I wouldn’t throw out all your platforms just yet, just add some flat soled heels to the collection and alternate for now. (Remember designers are still making platforms, but we are in the middle of a style transition) By next Spring I think they’ll be totally out.



Big colorful clutch bags are in this season, so leave your LV satchel at the house, and play around with this trend. A clutch can bring a dull outfit tons of personality. The great thing about this is that you can get a few different ones and wear a white tee and some skinny jeans and still look super chic with colored pumps.



As far as jewelry goes, big statement pieces are in! Think huge asymmetrical bangles and necklaces. We’re also seeing a return of the layered bangle look, don’t be shy about staking several on top of one another.




Those are our accessory trends for this season! Remember trends come from the Red-carpet, Runway and REAL LIFE, so if your personal style is just as fierce as what we see on the runway, send us a pic describing what your wearing…if it’s fly you just might make the site! Until next time let’s live a HELL of a LIFE!

Post Written By: Jana Graber